Chris Siebenmann

Chris Siebenmann is a Unix herder who now works at the Department of Computer Science, where you can find his nominal new home page. For reasons beyond the scope of this web page, his techblog continues to live here, on this web server. You can read his old UTCC home page, which dates from when he worked for UTCC (up until September of 2006).

Chris is keeping a techblog called Wandering Thoughts inside his wiki-thing. Most of his recent writing is found there or in CSpace in general.

In the past, Chris did various things and looked after various systems. Nowadays, he often feels that he is being nibbled to death by moths.

Chris does not always write about himself in the third person. He thought it would be an interesting change for this home page.

Chris Siebenmann
Unix Systems Administrator

Telephone 416/ 978 4942
EMAIL cks at Computer Science (you should be able to work out the domain name from his current home page)
Please note that email to cks at this domain will generally not work any more, due to excessive spam and thus excessive anti-spam precautions.

Chris Siebenmann, last updated November 26 2018