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2011-12-31: Why CA-based SSL is not likely to be replaced any time soon
2011-12-28: Blog entries should have visible dates (usually)
2011-12-14: Practical issues with REST's use of the Accept header
2011-12-03: Why I have comments here
2011-11-28: The login name problem
2011-11-05: Understanding Apache's Allow, Deny, and Order directives
2011-11-04: More on my Firefox 7 extensions
2011-11-03: My Firefox 7 extensions
2011-10-27: A Wikitext formatting mistake that I made here
2011-10-02: Another comment spam precaution that no longer works out
2011-09-21: I've surrendered on utm_* query parameters in URLs
2011-09-16: Setting the character encoding for HTML form input
2011-08-21: The conflict between caching and tracking on the web
2011-08-20: Why browsers can't really change or validate Last-Modified
2011-08-10: The 'key plus authenticator' pattern in web apps
2011-08-08: You need to hash web app session IDs
2011-07-15: Something to remember: HTML forms are anonymous
2011-07-02: Dear Googlebot: SMTP is not HTTP
2011-06-09: My issues with Chrome's handling of extensions
More impressions of Google Chrome
2011-06-07: Databases as a compromise damage limiter in web applications
2011-05-31: The programmer's problem with WikiText systems
2011-05-30: My recent experience with Firefox's speed
2011-05-25: More not supporting random query parameters in URLs
2011-04-15: Why a dynamic website with caching is simpler than a baked site
2011-04-14: More on baking websites to static files and speed
2011-04-13: Some common caching techniques for dynamic websites
2011-04-11: You don't need to bake your site to static files to be fast
2011-03-27: Some thinking on proliferating web standards
2011-03-24: XHTML and web authoring folklore
2011-03-21: Why XHTML was doomed from the beginning
2011-03-20: The devil's advocate argument against paying attention to web standards
2011-02-26: A belated realization about web spiders and your page cache
2011-02-23: Handling variations of a page (or, the revenge of REST)
2011-02-15: More on an advantage of the blog approach to web writing
2011-02-12: An advantage of the blog approach to web writing versus the wiki approach
2011-02-05: A side note on Google Chrome and the future of HTML
2011-02-03: The real lesson of XHTML
2011-01-22: The clash between wikis and blogging
2011-01-14: Wikis are not a simple solution for blogging
2011-01-09: What would be nice for SSL is out-of-band certificate binding
2011-01-05: An actual use for the CSS overflow property

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