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2012-12-09: When I'd use a web server other than Apache
2012-12-08: Why Apache is such a temptation
2012-11-24: Simple markup as a style guide and limiter
2012-11-21: The varying appeal of wikitext and other simple markup
2012-11-20: Where my Firefox performance problem seems to be
2012-10-12: SSL CAs have an impossible job (if you want them to be thorough)
2012-10-09: The negative results problem with search engines
2012-10-08: Acclimatization makes competition in web search engines hard(er)
2012-09-21: How I enter URLs in my browser
2012-09-20: My alternative to bookmarks: a page of links as the browser start page
2012-08-17: How Firefox performs (and doesn't) for me
2012-08-13: When and where I fell out of love with Firefox
2012-07-03: The secure web voting problem
2012-07-01: Another cynical take on the nofollow tag
2012-06-21: How I want to do redirects in Apache, especially in .htaccess files
2012-06-13: Some tricky bits in in-browser form mangling and validation
Client side form validation can let people explore their options
2012-06-11: What bits of a form are useful to check on the client side
2012-05-17: My Firefox memory bloat was mostly from All-in-One Gestures
2012-05-14: My Firefox 12 extensions and addons
2012-05-13: My experiment with Firefox Nightly builds: a failure
2012-05-12: The death of paging on the web
2012-05-06: Counting your syndication feed readers
2012-04-30: Notes to myself about progressive JavaScript
2012-04-16: What you need for migrating web content
2012-04-14: The wiki trap (that we've fallen into)
2012-03-25: Atom feeds and constrained (web) environments
2012-03-14: The right way to do wikitext transitions
2012-03-07: How not to use Apache's ProxyPass directive
2012-03-05: Web frameworks should be secure by default
Convenience in web frameworks is often insecure
2012-02-24: Blogs and the problem of indexes
2012-02-20: Why I still have a custom-compiled Firefox
2012-01-30: HTML is not a SGML dialect and never really has been
2012-01-19: How not to do repeated fields in web forms
2012-01-17: The first browser blinks on XHTML parsing

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