University of Toronto Computing and Network Services

unix Unix Systems Group

One of USG's responsibilities is to support and maintain the CNS general server GPU (General Purpose Unix).
Both GPU and MVS are systems with a long history at the University (MVS is supported by the IBM services group).

Another of USG's responsibilities was to build and manage the first firewalls protecting the new SAP systems running on the first IBM SP/2 platform in Canada.

Based on the firewall experience mentioned above, yet another of USG's responsibilities is to support the campus open source firewall project.

Check in USG Technical Notes for any documentation that the USG group might have had the energy to bother to put together.

O'Reilly has made freely available online Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution which provides a number of views of how things have come to pass with regards to open source operating systems.

tux BSD Daemon Copyright 1988 by Marshall Kirk McKusick.  All Rights Reserved. For questions or problems, please contact the group via the e-mail address usg AT instead of contacting specific individuals (individuals might be away on vacation, off sick, or just simply unreachable at any given moment).