Distance numbers for my Umbria 100 (well, now all my bikes)

This is probably going to be completely boring for anyone who isn't me. But I want to write it down somewhere, so it might as well be here.

NOTE: I have run 700x35 tires on the bike for some time, probably since at least 2010 (I know for sure 2013 and I'm sure for several years before then).

Two balacing factors:

At the April 14 2008 reset, I put the wheel size at 2170 mm. This appears to be roughly correct within a cm or less, based on rolling tests at work (where there is a set of 1-foot floor tiles nicely lined up).

Distance numbers on my 2013 Brodie Elan

The Brodie has a Topeak Panoram v10x wired bike computer, because MEC was out of stock on the latest dZ4L3 at the time. The Brodie has 700x35 Vittoria Randonneur Pro 35c tires, and the Panoram's manual lists these as 2205 mm so that's what I set. Since I like to keep track of this, I got the bike May 31st 2014.

bike computer functions

This is for my old(er) dB4L; the dZ4L is similar but slightly better documented and some bits actually are documented, eg the time reset.

The Filzer product page is here. Also here.

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