Bike photos of me

I go on group bike rides. People take pictures. Sometimes I appear in these pictures. For various reasons, I have decided to save links to such pictures, so now you can see the lesser Toronto bike geek in his native plumage and habitat.

To make things slightly more challenging for the reader, these are mostly group photos; it's up to you to figure out which person is me.

(Note that some of these URLs may rot over time.)

July 2006 ravine/brickworks ride
one two three
one two three four
July 2006 Critical Mass
one two three
August 2006 BikeFriday
one two three four (source)
August 2006 Critical Mass
one two three four five six and an action picture (source)
(It was not actually raining during the ride, but it was kind of cool and we were riding slowly, and I got cold.)
Sept 25 2006 TBN Alan Gordon Metric Century ride
one two three four five six seven eight nine ten
Sept 2006 BikeFriday
one two three (from here)
one (from here)

June 27th 2008 Critical Mass ride
one (from the BikingToronto pool)

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