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This is a portion of my web space that I've turned into a wiki-thing; WhyCSpace skims over why. CSpace is like web space except it's more plastic and requires less work to do things. CSpace could stand for either 'casual space' or 'Chris's space'; I'm not saying. Maybe it's both.

I'm keeping a blog in here.

I've got pointers to interesting software that I've turned up.

I'm trying to build an index of the programs that I've written and have lying around. Some of it will only be useful for people with GPU accounts.

There's also random pieces of information about various Systems.

Whether this wiki-thing can properly be called a wiki is a matter of some debate among various quarters. I call it wiki-related words most of the time because I think they are the best, most apt words I have.

* * *

This is a DWiki; see Help. The most recent DWiki features are always at NewFeatures.

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