Chris Siebenmann

... is a Unix herder.

He also writes too much Python, much of it not as good quality as it should be.

Comments on this page:

From at 2006-11-02 13:41:48:

genuinely like the "old skool" layout of your website

By Herder at 2014-02-07 06:04:26:

Very useful articles, thanks a lot.

Fellow Unix herder.

By unix herder at 2018-07-23 18:23:59:

Nice guy :)

By Wanpeng Qian at 2019-05-12 23:00:53:

Information written here is very useful. I like it.

From at 2024-01-08 15:09:41:

cool page, inspired me to work on my own stuff. thanks

From at 2024-01-20 11:48:46:

meow :3

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