DWiki's source code

DWiki is my name for the wikioid thing that produces what you're reading right now.

Currently I don't have DWiki packaged for distribution. People with GPU accounts can see the live directory area for CSpace in /u/cks/web; the source code itself is /u/cks/web/prog. (Another copy of the source code, often with in development stuff, is in /u/cks/src/dwiki; I push to the production area only every so often.)

If you are interested in using DWiki, please get in touch with me. I'm happy to have it happen, but right now it needs a lot more documentation and a certain amount of handholding, and because it keeps evolving I'd like to keep track of who's got copies so I can tell you about new 'releases'.

(DWiki is written by Chris Siebenmann, with a significant contribution from Daniel Martin.)

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Last modified: Mon Apr 10 16:08:19 2006
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