My collection of little scripts

Like most every system administrator, I have a collection of little scripts. This is an index to the ones I've actually written something about, mostly pointing to discussions in my techblog.

addr Turn full hostnames into IP addresses (via DNS lookups).
countup Feed field's output to howmany. Expand 'last message repeated N times' syslog messages.
field Extract the given field(s) from stdin.
howmany Sum up how many times lines occur on stdin.
nsaddrs Report the IP addresses of the nameservers for a particular zone.
nsdig Run dig against the nameservers for a particular zone.
sdig dig with short output.
wcat Dump a URL to standard out.

People on GPU can usually find these in /u/cks/bin or /u/cks/adm (depending). (/u/cks/bin has a hysterically out of date README for other things.)

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