ljf: a command line LiveJournal friendslist and friends groups fiddler

ljf.py is a comment line Python LiveJournal client for maintaining your friends groups and friends list, with a deliberately Unixy feel. If this does not sound attractive, it is probably not for you.

This is an alpha release, which is to say that it works for me and does what I'm interested in, but it has huge gaps of functionality that would need to be fixed to make it a general tool. The biggest issue is that it is geared towards someone who uses friends groups as reading groups, not for permissions. (Specifically it assumes that you usually want each friend to be in one and only one friends group.)

Ljf is tested on Linux. It is written in pure Python and so is theoretically portable anywhere that normal Python runs. In practice it wants to read a file in your $HOME, and I have no idea how well the approach I used would work on Windows.

Documentation is in a pile of comments at the start of ljf.py.

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Last modified: Fri Nov 10 22:52:45 2006
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