Why CSpace instead of /~cks/?

CSpace is like web space except it's more plastic and requires less work to do things.

I already have perfectly good web space. Why have I glued a wiki on to a piece of it (using server black magic at that), instead of just using it normally?

There's a place for fully developed HTML pages. I'm happy about the work I've done on the USG technotes and the CQUEST technotes. But I can't produce that level of work all the time, and I'd rather try producing scribbles instead of producing nothing until I come out with another fully formed technote semi-pearl.

Some of the casualness of CSpace and wiki-space to me is social expectations, but I think it is rooted in the different working environments. Something that is quick is just going to feel more casual than something that demands a serious editing session with structural markup and HTML tags.

I am hopeful that having a space as easily moldable and changeable as DWiki is will encourage me to write more. There are things I would like to natter on about, but with HTML web pages and suchlike it often seems like too much work. (As a result, my 'real' web pages are approaching the status of archaelogical relics, where they haven't been changed in so long that I want to just preserve them as-is as a piece of history.)

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