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2005-12-31: Notes on getting a Solaris hardware inventory
A logical consequence of def being an executable statement
2005-12-30: On Lisp's fundamental data structure
A Python surprise: the consequences of variable scope
2005-12-29: What I use asserts for
2005-12-28: Unix folklore: using multiple sync commands
2005-12-27: A thought about free software licenses
2005-12-26: Thinking about a closure confusion
2005-12-25: Weekly spam summary on December 24th, 2005
2005-12-24: When comment spammers attack
2005-12-23: Why the (Sun) JVM is irrelevant to me
2005-12-22: What I really want is error-shielding interfaces
2005-12-21: How to get your web spider banned from here
2005-12-20: Another problem of secrecy
A sociopolitical advantage of distributed version control
2005-12-19: Initializing Python struct objects with optional defaults
2005-12-18: Emulating C structs in Python
Weekly spam summary on December 17th, 2005
2005-12-17: The problem of secrecy
On the web, text colours are an all or nothing thing
2005-12-16: On the name of USB flash memory drives
2005-12-15: Another introspection trick
Reddit versus Digg: a little detail that matters
2005-12-14: A thing I don't like about Linux
2005-12-13: What Python threads are good for
2005-12-12: Waiting for both network IO and inter-thread notifications
2005-12-11: Weekly spam summary on December 10th, 2005
2005-12-10: How not to set up your DNS (part 6)
2005-12-09: A surprising hazard of running as root all the time
Security versus resilience
2005-12-08: How not to set up your DNS (part 5)
2005-12-07: Google Desktop and conditional GET
2005-12-06: How not to set up your DNS (part 4)
An explanation for the popularity of threads
2005-12-05: Dropping packets versus rejecting them in firewall rules
2005-12-04: Weekly spam summary on December 3rd, 2005
2005-12-03: CBL listings broken down by ISP
How to do TCP keepalives in Python
2005-12-02: Iptables modules that aren't in the iptables manpage
2005-12-01: Stopping brute-force ssh scans the easy way
2005-11-30: An advantage to introspection and an interactive interpreter
2005-11-29: A little gotcha in shell scripts
2005-11-28: How not to set up your DNS (part 3)
What Python's global interpreter lock does (and doesn't) protect
2005-11-27: Weekly spam summary on November 26th, 2005
2005-11-26: How not to set up your DNS (part 2)
How not to set up your DNS (part 1)
2005-11-25: Making self-signed SSL certificates with OpenSSL
A little sysadmin twitch
2005-11-24: Solaris 9's slow patch installs
Multiprocessors are a leaky abstraction
2005-11-23: A quick outline of Firefox extension structure
2005-11-22: How to fiddle with Firefox .jar files relatively easily
2005-11-21: Why I don't write 'if (NULL == foo)' in C code
2005-11-20: Weekly spam summary on November 19th, 2005
2005-11-19: Solaris 9 sendmail irritations
2005-11-18: SQL as metaprogramming
2005-11-17: Why Linux threads use up so much memory
2005-11-16: How not to do DNS for internal domains
2005-11-15: The scope of the peril of having a highly dynamic web site
2005-11-14: Banning MSNBot: an open letter to MSN Search
2005-11-13: Weekly spam summary on November 12th, 2005
2005-11-12: Why using local variables is fast in Python
2005-11-11: The importance of understanding Python's implementation
2005-11-10: How doing relative name DNS lookups can shoot you in the foot
2005-11-09: Using Python introspection for semi-evil
2005-11-08: Fun with DNS: a semi-obscure problem
2005-11-07: Examining Python's string concatenation optimization
2005-11-06: Weekly spam summary on November 5th, 2005
2005-11-05: Minimizing object churn to optimize Python code
2005-11-04: Modifying Linux kernel configuration options the easy way
2005-11-03: Fun with upgrading our backup server
2005-11-02: How well do some Atom feed fetchers do conditional GETs?
2005-11-01: Another tip: Label your hard drives
2005-10-31: A tip: Always include NAT in your Linux kernel configuration
2005-10-30: Weekly spam summary on October 29th, 2005
2005-10-29: Affiliate marketing is undead
The problem with If-Modified-Since as a timestamp
2005-10-28: Inside building RPMs with Python distutils
2005-10-27: Databases are APIs
2005-10-26: An example of why DBAs make money
2005-10-25: A smooth disk swap
2005-10-24: On banning web search engines
2005-10-23: One reason why I like Unix
Weekly spam summary on October 22nd, 2005
2005-10-22: A gotcha with Python and Unix signals
2005-10-21: How ETags and If-Modified-Since headers interact
MSNbot (still) has problems with binary files
2005-10-20: A Python surprise: exiting is an exception
Accidentally shooting yourself in the foot in Python
2005-10-19: Thoughts on Jakob Nielsen on weblog usability
2005-10-18: Another aphorism of system administration
2005-10-17: The Myth of Support (Part 3)
2005-10-16: Weekly spam summary on October 15th, 2005
2005-10-15: How Hotmail is doing on the spam front
Estimating search engine popularity
2005-10-14: On the naming of machines
2005-10-13: Try things out with new machines
2005-10-12: Really understanding availability numbers
2005-10-11: Improve your web experience by turning Javascript off
2005-10-10: A useful resource: gmane.org
2005-10-09: Troubleshooting versus support
Weekly spam summary on October 8th, 2005
2005-10-08: Exploring some spamblogs
Solaris 9 'Power management'
2005-10-07: Three levels of database usage
2005-10-06: First irritations with Solaris 9
2005-10-05: Thinking about redundant power supplies
2005-10-04: A left-field aphorism
Keeping changing systems stable
2005-10-03: Some important notes on getting all objects in Python
2005-10-02: Weekly spam summary on October 1st, 2005
2005-10-01: Some problems in common definitions of 'spam email'
The many consoles of Linux
2005-09-30: Pinging weblogs.com in Python
2005-09-29: Something C programmers should not write in Python code
2005-09-28: MSNbot goes crazy with RSS feeds
2005-09-27: Some hints on debugging memory leaks in Python programs
2005-09-26: A peril of having a highly dynamic web site
2005-09-25: Weekly spam summary on September 24th, 2005
2005-09-24: A spammer roundup
It's a multi-protocol world after all
2005-09-23: Be cautious with numbers in awk
The (probable) importance of accurate Content-Types
2005-09-22: Excluding buggy RPMs from a yum repository
2005-09-21: More Fedora Core 4 problems with X
What vendor updates are pending on your Linux system?
2005-09-20: Some words of wisdom for free webmail providers
Two Python import tricks
2005-09-19: Function definition order in Python
2005-09-18: Weekly spam summary on September 17th, 2005
2005-09-17: Demon Internet joins the webmail hall of shame
2005-09-16: Getting a list of all objects in Python
Web browsers make bad text editors
2005-09-15: Efficiently distributing huge files to lots of workstations
2005-09-14: Why I really dislike the Singleton design pattern
2005-09-13: Concurrency is tricky
The problem of being overcautious
2005-09-12: Things not do for your network daemon's debugging option
The annoyance of arbitrary limits
2005-09-11: Weekly spam summary on September 10th, 2005
Comment spam writ large
2005-09-10: Hotmail's Other Spam Problem
Hotmail has a spam problem
More Fedora Core 4 Anaconda fun
2005-09-09: When Python classes are pointless
2005-09-08: Another Fedora Core 4 Anaconda bug
2005-09-07: The MSN search spider has gone crazy
2005-09-06: Two sides of Internet identity
2005-09-05: Why print-based debugging is so popular
2005-09-04: Weekly spam summary on September 3rd, 2005
2005-09-03: Varying interpretations of improper CIDRs
2005-09-02: The 'Trade Press' and blogs
2005-09-01: On blocking access from large IP ranges
2005-08-31: LILO vs GRUB: why LILO still wins for servers
2005-08-30: The Version Control System dependency problem
2005-08-29: Python's dangerous automatic Unicode conversions
2005-08-28: Weekly spam summary on August 27th, 2005
2005-08-27: How not to package software in RPMs
2005-08-26: Two faces of RSS
2005-08-25: Explaining rubber duck debugging
2005-08-24: Another aphorism of system administration
Completely using an alternate yum configuration
2005-08-23: Diagnosing an install problem: a case study in indirect failures
2005-08-22: On being nibbled to death by moths
2005-08-21: Weekly spam summary on August 20th, 2005
Mutating Referer Spammers
2005-08-20: Disk setup in our Fedora Core 4 Kickstart environment
2005-08-19: The March of the Cheap
2005-08-18: The pains of modern disk storage
2005-08-17: Parallelizing DNS queries with split
Remember to think about the scale of things
Annoying RSS Feed Tricks
2005-08-16: Things that could happen to your backups
2005-08-15: Check your backups
2005-08-14: Weekly spam summary for August 13th, 2005
Those amusing Referer spammers
2005-08-13: The anatomy of a DWiki bug
2005-08-12: Chiming in on static versus dynamic typing
2005-08-11: Some interesting software tools (part 1)
An aphorism of system administration
2005-08-10: Why open source needs distributed version control
2005-08-09: My first comment spam
2005-08-08: Security is a pain
2005-08-07: XBL rejection stats, August 6th 2005
2005-08-06: The importance of 'transparency' in data structures
2005-08-05: Perimeter firewalls and universities
2005-08-04: Keep your hands off my font size
2005-08-03: Why Perl is not my favorite language
2005-08-01: Multilevel list comprehensions in Python
Spam breakdown by SBL listing, July 31st 2005
2005-07-31: Spam storm aftermath, July 30th 2005
2005-07-30: Briefly doing DNS queries in Perl
2005-07-29: How spammers seem to be coping with greylisting
2005-07-28: Doing DNS queries in Python
2005-07-27: Spam Storm, July 26th 2005
2005-07-26: What ASNs are most actively spamming us
2005-07-25: Reliably archiving things
2005-07-24: Spam summary for July 23rd 2005
The necessary evolution of mail servers
2005-07-23: The Myth of Support (Part 2)
2005-07-22: The Myth of Support (Part 1)
2005-07-20: Please produce useful error messages
2005-07-19: Exceptions as efficient programming
Exceptions and casual programming
2005-07-17: Skills I use when troubleshooting
How many places actually send us email?
2005-07-15: First Irritations with Fedora Core 4
How AMD killed the Itanium
2005-07-13: The legend of Debian Linux
2005-07-12: Chasing a problem in our Gnome customizations
2005-07-11: Adding submenus to Gnome
2005-07-10: Tools versus frontends in systems programs
2005-07-09: The minimum antispam features of a modern SMTP server
2005-07-08: Why apt-get is not my favorite application
2005-07-07: What RSS can learn from Usenet
2005-07-06: Mozilla versus SeaMonkey
2005-07-05: Fedora Core 4's buggy Anaconda
2005-07-04: The big trick of running lots of systems
There's two sorts of large systems
2005-07-03: Checking for dead DNSBls
2005-07-02: What shouldn't be a method function
2005-07-01: Why this site has almost no design
2005-06-29: Reconsidering network authentication delays
2005-06-28: Scripting and automation capture knowledge
2005-06-27: Some quick CBL stats
Dangerously over-broad error catching
2005-06-26: Some spam stats at June 25th, 2005
2005-06-24: An open letter to free webmail providers
An unchanging system should be stable
2005-06-23: A real use for staticmethod
2005-06-22: Future Sysadmin Jobs
2005-06-21: The problems with enforced UTF-8 only filenames
2005-06-20: Small details can matter (or: a little nifty Python bit)
2005-06-18: SMTP IP firewall stats at June 18th, 2005
2005-06-17: The problem with CPAN (and other similar systems)
2005-06-16: AJAX vs Dialups
Iterator & Generator Gotchas
2005-06-14: Putting a pleasant Python surprise to use
Pitfalls in generating Last-Modified:
2005-06-12: Making a Python mountain out of a molehill
Why a Blog?
2005-06-11: web/HTTPRedirects
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