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Making a Python mountain out of a molehill

DWiki is the software that runs CSpace, including this blog. It's wound up much bigger than I expected and wanted it to be. This is sort of the story of how (or why) that happened.

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Why a Blog?

Honesty compels me to admit that part of why I am trying blogging is that I coded a bunch of blog features into DWiki, my wiki-thing, and I would feel kind of stupid if they never got used. (The blogdir code has a clear usage case, but the blog code does not quite so much.)

But that's not all of it. Web pages cry out for a linking structure, an organization, a taxonomy, just like we are supposed to sensibly organize directories on our computers. And HTML pages themselves are standalone objects, so it feels wrong to make one too small. (I have some HTML pages that are only a few lines long; I suspect that they irritate people who think 'I clicked on a link for this little?'.)

A blog is a structure for casualness, and its way of organizing things liberates you all of those worries. Freed of the neurotic worry to organize, I can just write, jot, scribble, rant, or whatever. And since blog posts are all run together, I don't have to worry that one is too small for a HTML page (or just too much work once I add the necessary framing).

Blog writing doesn't have to be scribbles, and a lot of the blogs that I most enjoy reading are very carefully put together. But I'm not sure I have the time and energy for that; a good part of my purpose in trying out blogging is the theory that writing something is better than writing nothing.

(That's also the theory behind CSpace and DWiki as a whole.)

The question of why I'm not using a different piece of blog software for this is something for another time and another entry.

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