Wandering Thoughts archives

2005-07-31: Spam storm aftermath, July 30th 2005
2005-07-30: Briefly doing DNS queries in Perl
2005-07-29: How spammers seem to be coping with greylisting
2005-07-28: Doing DNS queries in Python
2005-07-27: Spam Storm, July 26th 2005
2005-07-26: What ASNs are most actively spamming us
2005-07-25: Reliably archiving things
2005-07-24: Spam summary for July 23rd 2005
The necessary evolution of mail servers
2005-07-23: The Myth of Support (Part 2)
2005-07-22: The Myth of Support (Part 1)
2005-07-20: Please produce useful error messages
2005-07-19: Exceptions as efficient programming
Exceptions and casual programming
2005-07-17: Skills I use when troubleshooting
How many places actually send us email?
2005-07-15: First Irritations with Fedora Core 4
How AMD killed the Itanium
2005-07-13: The legend of Debian Linux
2005-07-12: Chasing a problem in our Gnome customizations
2005-07-11: Adding submenus to Gnome
2005-07-10: Tools versus frontends in systems programs
2005-07-09: The minimum antispam features of a modern SMTP server
2005-07-08: Why apt-get is not my favorite application
2005-07-07: What RSS can learn from Usenet
2005-07-06: Mozilla versus SeaMonkey
2005-07-05: Fedora Core 4's buggy Anaconda
2005-07-04: The big trick of running lots of systems
There's two sorts of large systems
2005-07-03: Checking for dead DNSBls
2005-07-02: What shouldn't be a method function
2005-07-01: Why this site has almost no design

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