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Mozilla versus SeaMonkey

I still use Mozilla as my browser, built from the CVS source code because I use several custom hacks (hacks that the Mozilla Project is not going to want back). However, I only upgrade my binary periodically. Today I had the unfortunate experience of trying to upgrade to the latest CVS source code version.

For those not current on the whole story, there has been a little bit of a fissure in the Mozilla Project community. When Firefox (and Thunderbird et al) started getting good, it was decided that they would be the future direction of the whole project and the old 'Mozilla' suite/browser would no longer be developed. A number of people really didn't like that and staged a small rebellion, the upshot of which was that the Mozilla suite was continued on under their leadership.

Except they renamed things from 'Mozilla' to 'SeaMonkey'. Including the binaries that you start, and the window names. Which is annoying, because I am habituated to typing './mozilla' to start things, and I have configuration settings and scripts that look for 'Mozilla' windows.

They also changed the throbber animation to a really rather simple and boring animation, although it is apparently not the final artwork. In my opinion they should have left the old artwork alone until they had the real new artwork, especially since the new version is so wretched that I refuse to use it. (Which caused me to explore how to get an old version of a file out of CVS, so I suppose that's something.)

I suppose this is one way of getting me to move to Firefox, but I find myself grumpy about being dynamited around like this. Oh well, time to re-validate that I've pushed all of my necessary hacks into Firefox and that they actually work right.

(If you want to see the eye-searing horror of the current SeaMonkey throbber, here it is; don't say I didn't warn you. The old Mozilla throbber is here, and is in my opinion much cooler than the simple Firefox one.)

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