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2005-08-31: LILO vs GRUB: why LILO still wins for servers
2005-08-30: The Version Control System dependency problem
2005-08-29: Python's dangerous automatic Unicode conversions
2005-08-28: Weekly spam summary on August 27th, 2005
2005-08-27: How not to package software in RPMs
2005-08-26: Two faces of RSS
2005-08-25: Explaining rubber duck debugging
2005-08-24: Another aphorism of system administration
Completely using an alternate yum configuration
2005-08-23: Diagnosing an install problem: a case study in indirect failures
2005-08-22: On being nibbled to death by moths
2005-08-21: Weekly spam summary on August 20th, 2005
Mutating Referer Spammers
2005-08-20: Disk setup in our Fedora Core 4 Kickstart environment
2005-08-19: The March of the Cheap
2005-08-18: The pains of modern disk storage
2005-08-17: Parallelizing DNS queries with split
Remember to think about the scale of things
Annoying RSS Feed Tricks
2005-08-16: Things that could happen to your backups
2005-08-15: Check your backups
2005-08-14: Weekly spam summary for August 13th, 2005
Those amusing Referer spammers
2005-08-13: The anatomy of a DWiki bug
2005-08-12: Chiming in on static versus dynamic typing
2005-08-11: Some interesting software tools (part 1)
An aphorism of system administration
2005-08-10: Why open source needs distributed version control
2005-08-09: My first comment spam
2005-08-08: Security is a pain
2005-08-07: XBL rejection stats, August 6th 2005
2005-08-06: The importance of 'transparency' in data structures
2005-08-05: Perimeter firewalls and universities
2005-08-04: Keep your hands off my font size
2005-08-03: Why Perl is not my favorite language
2005-08-01: Multilevel list comprehensions in Python
Spam breakdown by SBL listing, July 31st 2005

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