Wandering Thoughts archives

2005-10-31: A tip: Always include NAT in your Linux kernel configuration
2005-10-30: Weekly spam summary on October 29th, 2005
2005-10-29: Affiliate marketing is undead
The problem with If-Modified-Since as a timestamp
2005-10-28: Inside building RPMs with Python distutils
2005-10-27: Databases are APIs
2005-10-26: An example of why DBAs make money
2005-10-25: A smooth disk swap
2005-10-24: On banning web search engines
2005-10-23: One reason why I like Unix
Weekly spam summary on October 22nd, 2005
2005-10-22: A gotcha with Python and Unix signals
2005-10-21: How ETags and If-Modified-Since headers interact
MSNbot (still) has problems with binary files
2005-10-20: A Python surprise: exiting is an exception
Accidentally shooting yourself in the foot in Python
2005-10-19: Thoughts on Jakob Nielsen on weblog usability
2005-10-18: Another aphorism of system administration
2005-10-17: The Myth of Support (Part 3)
2005-10-16: Weekly spam summary on October 15th, 2005
2005-10-15: How Hotmail is doing on the spam front
Estimating search engine popularity
2005-10-14: On the naming of machines
2005-10-13: Try things out with new machines
2005-10-12: Really understanding availability numbers
2005-10-11: Improve your web experience by turning Javascript off
2005-10-10: A useful resource: gmane.org
2005-10-09: Troubleshooting versus support
Weekly spam summary on October 8th, 2005
2005-10-08: Exploring some spamblogs
Solaris 9 'Power management'
2005-10-07: Three levels of database usage
2005-10-06: First irritations with Solaris 9
2005-10-05: Thinking about redundant power supplies
2005-10-04: A left-field aphorism
Keeping changing systems stable
2005-10-03: Some important notes on getting all objects in Python
2005-10-02: Weekly spam summary on October 1st, 2005
2005-10-01: Some problems in common definitions of 'spam email'
The many consoles of Linux

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