Wandering Thoughts archives

2005-11-30: An advantage to introspection and an interactive interpreter
2005-11-29: A little gotcha in shell scripts
2005-11-28: How not to set up your DNS (part 3)
What Python's global interpreter lock does (and doesn't) protect
2005-11-27: Weekly spam summary on November 26th, 2005
2005-11-26: How not to set up your DNS (part 2)
How not to set up your DNS (part 1)
2005-11-25: Making self-signed SSL certificates with OpenSSL
A little sysadmin twitch
2005-11-24: Solaris 9's slow patch installs
Multiprocessors are a leaky abstraction
2005-11-23: A quick outline of Firefox extension structure
2005-11-22: How to fiddle with Firefox .jar files relatively easily
2005-11-21: Why I don't write 'if (NULL == foo)' in C code
2005-11-20: Weekly spam summary on November 19th, 2005
2005-11-19: Solaris 9 sendmail irritations
2005-11-18: SQL as metaprogramming
2005-11-17: Why Linux threads use up so much memory
2005-11-16: How not to do DNS for internal domains
2005-11-15: The scope of the peril of having a highly dynamic web site
2005-11-14: Banning MSNBot: an open letter to MSN Search
2005-11-13: Weekly spam summary on November 12th, 2005
2005-11-12: Why using local variables is fast in Python
2005-11-11: The importance of understanding Python's implementation
2005-11-10: How doing relative name DNS lookups can shoot you in the foot
2005-11-09: Using Python introspection for semi-evil
2005-11-08: Fun with DNS: a semi-obscure problem
2005-11-07: Examining Python's string concatenation optimization
2005-11-06: Weekly spam summary on November 5th, 2005
2005-11-05: Minimizing object churn to optimize Python code
2005-11-04: Modifying Linux kernel configuration options the easy way
2005-11-03: Fun with upgrading our backup server
2005-11-02: How well do some Atom feed fetchers do conditional GETs?
2005-11-01: Another tip: Label your hard drives

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