Wandering Thoughts archives

2006-02-28: Practical RAID-1 read balancing
A sad day for SGI: it's now a spammer
A web spider update: not actually Uptilt's web spider
A surprising effect of RAID-1 resynchronization
2006-02-27: Python's extra-clever function parameters
2006-02-26: Weekly spam summary on February 25th, 2006
The hassle of email (as compared to RSS)
2006-02-25: More clever (ab)use of and and or
A trick for handling mutable default arguments
2006-02-24: Wanted: RSS feeds for vendor software updates
2006-02-23: Checking systems with RPM verification (part 1)
2006-02-22: Peter Drucker on the Five Deadly Business Sins
2006-02-21: An annoyance with $PATH on Red Hat
2006-02-20: More on regular expression performance
2006-02-19: Irony in a Referer spammer
Weekly spam summary on February 18th, 2006
2006-02-18: Automation promotes action
Stupid web spider tricks
2006-02-17: Some regular expression performance surprises
2006-02-16: An interesting IDE to SATA migration problem
2006-02-15: Fun with control characters and the web
2006-02-14: An advantage of using a non-standard shell
2006-02-13: GNU bc for the birthday paradox
The problem with <pre>
2006-02-12: Weekly spam summary on February 11th, 2006
2006-02-11: The return of how to get your web spider banned
2006-02-10: The charm of Sun's Freeware collection
Session IDs and the Birthday Paradox
2006-02-09: Using the tempfile module to get temporary files
2006-02-08: The id attribute considered dangerous
2006-02-07: $PATH in Solaris
2006-02-06: The sysadmin's life
More on simple markup languages
2006-02-05: Weekly spam summary on February 4th, 2006
2006-02-04: Why simple markup languages make sense
2006-02-03: Van Jacobson illustrates the importance of cache effects
2006-02-02: The rise of wikiblogs
2006-02-01: A suggestion: read your own syndication feed

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