Wandering Thoughts archives

2006-03-31: The perfection trap: a lesson drawn from Worse is Better
The difficulty of punishing people at universities
2006-03-30: What disk IO stats you get from the Linux kernel
2006-03-29: Easier Solaris patch management with pca
2006-03-28: Hotmail spam stats revised
Using threading to implement a 'busy' cursor (a tale from long ago)
2006-03-27: A helpful Apache safety tip
2006-03-26: Weekly spam summary on March 25th, 2006
2006-03-25: A little gotcha with os.path.join
2006-03-24: Setting up to build RPMs
2006-03-23: Side effects are bad: a personal illustration
We apologize for the disruption in syndication feeds
Atom versus RSS
Solaris patch exit codes and what they mean
2006-03-22: Google Desktop and conditional GET (part 2)
2006-03-21: The backend for our recent mirroring
2006-03-20: An optimization thought
2006-03-19: Weekly spam summary on March 18th, 2006
2006-03-18: Some little things Firefox gets right
2006-03-17: How not to set up your DNS (part 9)
The problem with LiveJournal
2006-03-16: A tricky memoization decorator
2006-03-15: The aftermath of our mirroring
2006-03-14: Some problems with iostat on Linux
2006-03-13: Preparing a high load web mirror setup
2006-03-12: A DNS realization
Weekly spam summary on March 11th, 2006
2006-03-11: Web design trends that I don't understand (part 1)
2006-03-10: Why dynamic linking
The dynamic linking tax on fork()
2006-03-09: Making things simple for busy webmasters
Closures versus classes for capturing state
2006-03-08: Thinking about project failures
2006-03-07: A modular approach to Apache configuration
2006-03-06: How not to set up your mail server (part 1)
A thought about Technorati
2006-03-05: Weekly spam summary on March 4th, 2006
2006-03-04: os.walk can be surprisingly slow
2006-03-03: Visualizing dynamic program flow
2006-03-02: A robots.txt surprise
The :; shell prompt trick
2006-03-01: Unicode is not simple

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