Wandering Thoughts archives

2006-04-30: Weekly spam summary on April 29th, 2006
2006-04-29: Another little script: field
2006-04-28: Some first impressions of Fedora Core 5
2006-04-27: A picture of what university IT is like
2006-04-26: Common web spider mistakes
2006-04-25: Linux's %iowait statistic
2006-04-24: People are social
2006-04-23: The sort of command line I can wind up typing
Some CBL stats for the week ending on April 22nd, 2006
Weekly spam summary on April 22nd, 2006
2006-04-22: Link: Scaling Apache at ftp.heanet.ie
2006-04-21: Working on RPMs with quilt: an illustrated guide
A CSS limitation: it's not supported by lynx
2006-04-20: The spread of syndication
2006-04-19: A gotcha with analyzing syslog logs
2006-04-18: How Solaris matches names in NFS exports
2006-04-17: What do variable names mean (in Python and elsewhere)?
2006-04-16: Weekly spam summary on April 15th, 2006
2006-04-15: The problem of the growth of syndication feeds
Public interfaces and Solaris 9 patchadd exit codes
2006-04-14: Why del has to be a Python builtin
2006-04-13: An obnoxious RSS feed trick
2006-04-12: Something to remember about networking restarts
2006-04-11: A little script: howmany
2006-04-10: xiostat: better Linux disk IO statistics
The fun and charm of quoting URLs properly
2006-04-09: Weekly spam summary on April 8th, 2006
2006-04-08: Apple joins the webmail hall of shame
A common socket programming mistake: not handling short IO
2006-04-07: A bash irritation
A pleasing Python regularity with __future__
Some quick SMTP connection statistics
2006-04-06: Some things about smpatch
2006-04-05: Keeping up with new Python features
The other dynamic linking tax
2006-04-04: Why I don't like resorting to caching
2006-04-03: An ugly spam attempt
Spiders should respect rel="nofollow"
2006-04-02: Weekly spam summary on April 1st, 2006
2006-04-01: The best April Fools joke I've seen here
A Firefox CSS irritation

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