Wandering Thoughts archives

2006-05-31: A simple way to get a disk space usage summary
Fiddling with X selections from shell scripts
2006-05-30: An shell script idiom for choosing what file to operate on
2006-05-29: An obvious way to do bulk initialization of dictionaries
2006-05-28: Weekly spam summary on May 27th, 2006
2006-05-27: Today's dilemma: wiki page or blog entry?
2006-05-26: A message you do not want to see from your backup software
The problem with treating RAID arrays as single disks
2006-05-25: Link: Classic Mistakes Enumerated
A Linux su surprise
SCGI is a form of caching
2006-05-24: The not so secret history of vmlinuz
2006-05-23: Link: Why overtime is bad for everyone
A defense of Unix that always irritates me
2006-05-22: A little failsafe feature in 3-prong electrical plugs
2006-05-21: My mistake with the Host: HTTP header
Weekly spam summary on May 20th, 2006
2006-05-20: Things that irritate me about Python's socket module
2006-05-19: Some modest suggestions on vendor tradeshow giveaways
2006-05-18: The future of spam is advance fee fraud
2006-05-17: Where to find package inventories on Solaris 9
2006-05-16: A Python limit I never expected to run into
2006-05-15: PlanetLab hammers on robots.txt
2006-05-14: Absolute versus relative URLs in syndication feeds
Link: an engineering management hack
A small user interface suggestion
Weekly spam summary on May 13th, 2006
2006-05-13: Safely updating Unix files
2006-05-12: The problem with preforking Python network servers
2006-05-11: Building a boot floppy for BIOS flashing
2006-05-10: Another really stupid web spider
The practical cost of forking in Python
2006-05-09: Bad patch management at Sun
2006-05-08: Link: an excerpt from On Writing Well
A really stupid web spider
2006-05-07: Link: Search engine page size limits for indexing
SCGI versus FastCGI
Weekly spam summary on May 6th, 2006
2006-05-06: Using a stock kernel.org kernel on Fedora Core 5
2006-05-05: Link: Readable colour text combinations
Peeking under mount points with NFS
2006-05-04: A subtle advantage of simple wikis
2006-05-03: Fedora Core 5's missing 32-bit shared library symlinks
2006-05-02: CSS and syndication (another CSS limitation)
2006-05-01: Emergency repairs with GRUB

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