Wandering Thoughts archives

2006-06-30: Some thoughts on the Fedora Core 5 Gnome desktop
2006-06-29: screen -x
2006-06-28: The problem with cool URLs
2006-06-27: More on the Solaris ssh stuff (part 2)
Microsoft has a problem
2006-06-26: How not to report spam (part 1)
WSGI versus asynchronous servers
2006-06-25: Weekly spam summary on June 24th, 2006
2006-06-24: A problem with signals in Python
2006-06-23: Respecting Unix signals
2006-06-22: An extreme example of C preprocessor (ab)use
2006-06-21: A year (and a bit) of WanderingThoughts
More on the Solaris ssh stuff
2006-06-20: How to improve programming productivity
2006-06-19: Impending changes to access to Solaris patches
An odd choice of hostname
WSGI: the good and the bad
2006-06-18: Weekly spam summary on June 17th, 2006
2006-06-17: Metrics considered dangerous
2006-06-16: /etc/inittab versus /etc/rc.d
2006-06-15: How to have your web spider irritate me intensely
Dispelling a nightmare (a sysadmin tale)
2006-06-14: How to supply an IP address in Red Hat's Kickstart
2006-06-13: A web validation aphorism
2006-06-12: Why charging for things is deadly at a university
2006-06-11: Link: The Unix Heritage Society
Weekly spam summary on June 10th, 2006
2006-06-10: Fixing the bad Solaris ssh patch
2006-06-09: Seeing Quicktime movie trailers on Fedora Core 5
2006-06-08: Some computer power consumption numbers
2006-06-07: Some Fedora Core 5 experimentation
2006-06-06: Internet Distance (In Memoriam)
2006-06-05: A Python coding mistake
People are ordinary
2006-06-04: Weekly spam summary on June 3rd, 2006
2006-06-03: The fundamental problem of spam
2006-06-02: An object identity gotcha in Python
2006-06-01: Link: a Unix sysadmin rosetta stone
The cynical take on nofollow

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