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2006-07-31: The limitations of Unix atime
2006-07-30: XHTML on the web is for masochists
Weekly spam summary on July 29th, 2006
2006-07-29: Link: Ten Risks of PKI
Another little sysadmin twitch or two
2006-07-28: A plug for blastwave.org
2006-07-27: Unix files do not have creation times
2006-07-26: xterm's ziconbeep feature
2006-07-25: An awk idiom: getting fields backwards from the end of the line
Reading Unix manpages
2006-07-24: Link: Linguistic blindness illustrated
A brief history of cut and paste in X
Walking away from Slashdot: a story of design
2006-07-23: Weekly spam summary on July 22nd, 2006
2006-07-22: Solaris's sparseness
2006-07-21: What Linux distributions we use (and sort of why)
2006-07-20: Why I like Python more than Perl
Link: non-errors in English
2006-07-19: A sysadmin habit: screen locking
Using Python to test system behavior
Link: 'Document Centric'
2006-07-18: Why you can't mix wildcard IP port binding with other bindings
2006-07-17: Thesis: SMP is a failure for most Internet servers
2006-07-16: Weekly spam summary on July 15th, 2006
2006-07-15: A robot wish
2006-07-14: SELinux bites man: a story
Pointers to some SELinux explanations
2006-07-13: A thought on Linux installation versus Solaris 9 installation
2006-07-12: Why I like 'lib64' better than 'lib32' for the x86_64 transition
2006-07-11: Why nofollow is useful and important
2006-07-10: A suggestion for people with 'Out of Office' autoreplies
2006-07-09: Weekly spam summary on July 8th, 2006
2006-07-08: The problem of IT winning arguments
2006-07-07: Sysadmins are an overhead
2006-07-06: More on tabs
2006-07-05: On tabs
2006-07-04: A surprise with using object() instances
2006-07-03: Why Solaris is not my favorite operating system
2006-07-02: Weekly spam summary on July 1st, 2006
2006-07-01: Link: The virtual furniture police
Another annoying RSS feed trick

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