Wandering Thoughts archives

2006-10-31: A Solaris 8 make bug
An Internet rule of thumb
2006-10-30: A brief Exim observation
First irritations with Fedora Core 6
2006-10-29: Python's assert is a weak debugging tool
2006-10-28: Weekly spam summary on October 28th, 2006
2006-10-27: In (modest) praise of Solaris DiskSuite
2006-10-26: Languages need comments
2006-10-25: Another advantage of distributed version control systems
2006-10-24: Google and YouTube
2006-10-23: A dump performance hint: the block size really matters
2006-10-22: Why cursors blink
2006-10-21: Weekly spam summary on October 21st, 2006
An irritating iptables limitation
2006-10-20: Why releases are important
2006-10-19: A paradox of ignorance
An Ubuntu astonishment
2006-10-18: CSS is assembly language
Getting your spam crossed
2006-10-17: Link: HTML Doctype declarations inventoried
An Amanda gotcha with dumps to disk
2006-10-16: Why have an MX record to yourself?
2006-10-15: On the various meanings of <tag />
2006-10-14: Weekly spam summary on October 14, 2006
2006-10-13: Why quoting in the Bourne shell makes me grumpy
Link: Warning Signs for Tomorrow
2006-10-12: How stable my AMD 64-bit systems have been
2006-10-11: Getting nice looking TrueType fonts on Fedora Core
A spectacular web spammer failure
2006-10-10: Cross building i386 RPMs on an x86_64 Fedora Core 5 machine
A trivial script: wcat
2006-10-09: I ♥ Fedora Extras
2006-10-08: A reason to read blogs in reverse chronological order
2006-10-07: Weekly spam summary on October 7th, 2006
2006-10-06: A Python quoting irritation
2006-10-05: Thoughts on machine identity
2006-10-04: A pyramid of little scripts: nsdig
2006-10-03: Some numbers for modern disk performance
2006-10-02: The longevity of old hardware
2006-10-01: The advantage of vendor packages

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