Wandering Thoughts archives

2006-11-30: How Python parses indentation
2006-11-29: Turning off HTTP basic authentication in urllib
2006-11-28: Progress towards an all 64-bit application world
2006-11-27: Some words of wisdom on email certification programs
Why I don't rip my CDs
2006-11-26: An irritating X Windows limitation with wheel mice
Link: Serif vs. Sans Serif Legibility
Weekly spam summary on November 25th, 2006
2006-11-25: The quest for a nice Linux CD player application
2006-11-24: A classical Unix tape gotcha
2006-11-23: Why I don't file bug reports very often
2006-11-22: Why ssh validates host keys using the exact name you supplied
2006-11-21: A small script: bsearch-nums
2006-11-20: A DiskSuite annoyance: metastat
2006-11-19: How https: should work
Weekly spam summary on November 18th, 2006
2006-11-18: Link: Golden Rules for Bad User Interfaces
Should you care about whether you can upgrade hardware?
The good old days of Unix
2006-11-17: How to quiesce NFS traffic the brute force way
2006-11-16: An annoying omission in the Solaris 8 DiskSuite toolset
2006-11-15: A little regexp thing to remember about \b (and \w)
Why the Bourne shell is not my favorite language
2006-11-14: Some more power consumption numbers
2006-11-13: People aren't suspicious
2006-11-12: Some ways to break your syndication feed
Broken syndication feeds are worse than no feed
2006-11-11: Weekly spam summary on November 11th, 2006
A thought about disaster recovery planning
2006-11-10: Link: On Bots
2006-11-09: A fundamental problem with challenge/response anti-spam systems
The importance of printable objects
2006-11-08: Link: Pumas on Hoverbikes
The quest for the mythical C.UTF-8 locale
2006-11-07: Link: Unicode Spaces
2006-11-06: HTML character sets
2006-11-05: An interesting Python garbage collection bug
2006-11-04: Weekly spam summary on November 4th, 2006
2006-11-03: Installing Wine on Fedora Core 5 x86_64
2006-11-02: Knowing things versus being able to prove them
2006-11-01: The downsides of remailing

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