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The quest for a nice Linux CD player application

Why is it so hard to find a decent CD player on a modern Linux system? It's not that I have particularly demanding requirements; all I really need is something reliable that does CDDB lookups, ejects the CDs when they're done playing, and that will show me the total time remaining in as well as elapsed time in the track. (Other features would be nice but are not as important.)

(Technically, I also need a CD player program that will do direct digital playback, since DVD-ROMs don't seem to come with headphone jacks any more. Fortunately this seems common these days, although it is giving me flashbacks.)

So far, on a Fedora Core 6 machine, I have tried:

gnome-cd Works, but doesn't have end of disk eject or total remaining time.
kscd Promising, except for the bit where it randomly claims to have no permissions on /dev/cdrom and doesn't work. (And the information display is unfortunately designed.)
sound-juicer No time displays.
xmms Doesn't have end of disk eject or total remaining time, and it doesn't actually display the CDDB information it looks up.
xmcd Hard to get working and uses obsolete SCSI ioctls, so if I run a standard kernel my kernel will scream at me all the time. But at least it has all the features I want.

If I had the spare time and energy, my best choice would be xmcd, which says something. (It is particularly depressing because xmcd is more than ten years old. Heck, I was using it ten years ago. (And recently; up until this upgrade, it has been my CD playing application of choice. But it is an ever-increasing amount of work to make behave, and I'd need to rebuild the current version.))

(Yeah, yeah, I know, these days everyone rips their CDs to disk and plays the audio files directly off disk. I'm old fashioned, plus I have better things to do with my disk space.)

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