Wandering Thoughts archives

2006-12-31: A (Solaris 8) automounter irritation
2006-12-30: Weekly spam summary on December 30th, 2006
2006-12-29: What can go wrong if your compiler is not thread aware
2006-12-28: A thought on the advance of X auto-configuration
2006-12-27: Solaris 8 DiskSuite's lack of good monitoring
HTTP as it is seen in the wild
2006-12-26: Link: OpenBSD spamd
Link: varnish, a HTTP accelerator
2006-12-25: The problem with #ifdef
A thought of the day
Link: A lovely summary of the XHTML issue
2006-12-24: What Google Sitemaps isn't
2006-12-23: Weekly spam summary on December 23rd, 2006
2006-12-22: Another example of why Bourne shell quoting makes me grumpy
2006-12-21: Something to avoid in callback email address verification
2006-12-20: How many root DNS servers are reachable over Internet II?
2006-12-19: An Internet dependency
2006-12-18: A basic principle of website security
2006-12-17: How to get me to block your web ads in a flash
Weekly spam summary on December 16th, 2006
2006-12-15: An unsurprising discovery about spammer behavior
2006-12-14: Fedora Core's memory problem
2006-12-13: An example of Unix's slow fossilization
A SMTP implementor's conundrum
2006-12-12: A limitation of OpenBSD bridging NAT firewalls
2006-12-10: An irony of web serving
Weekly spam summary on December 9th, 2006
2006-12-09: How DWiki uses partial function evaluation
2006-12-08: What I want out of a Linux partitioning program
Why I don't expect result-oriented work hours to work out
2006-12-07: Another obnoxious discovery about Ubuntu's /var/run stuff
How not to set up your DNS (part 13)
2006-12-06: Setting up switches to avoid unwanted VLAN leakage
2006-12-05: A small annoyance with Unix wildcards
2006-12-04: How SSH achieves forward secrecy
2006-12-03: More fun with Python's indentation rules
2006-12-02: Weekly spam summary on December 2nd, 2006
2006-12-01: Ubuntu's attention to detail in init.d scripts

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