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2007-01-31: The inherent fragility of complex systems (in system administration)
Why I am not fond of DHCP in lab environments
2007-01-29: A gotcha with <textarea>
How to have your web spider irritate me intensely (part 2)
2007-01-28: Why DWiki doesn't use fully REST-ful URLs
Weekly spam summary on January 27th, 2007
2007-01-27: Why I think that DNS whitelists are going to fail
2007-01-26: First impressions of pyOpenSSL
2007-01-25: A clever trick to deal with students powering off workstations
2007-01-24: An irritation with current GUI interfaces
2007-01-23: How to stop DiskSuite resyncing a mirror on Solaris 8
2007-01-22: Why host authentication has to check who the certificate belongs to
2007-01-21: Sometimes system administration requires a hacksaw
2007-01-20: Weekly spam summary on January 20th, 2007
Browsers are the wrong place to report HTML validation errors
2007-01-19: Link: Peter Gutmann on PKI
2007-01-18: Why I want direct certificate checking instead of having to rely on CAs
2007-01-17: A grump about the socket module's SSL support
2007-01-16: Why I don't have a GPG key
2007-01-15: Configuring VLANs on Fedora Core
2007-01-14: Wrapping exceptions versus propagating them untouched
An alarming reflex in my use of find
2007-01-13: Weekly spam summary on January 13th, 2007
2007-01-12: The easy way to get me to not comment on a weblog
2007-01-11: Xen versus VMware for me
An interesting Bourne shell limitation
2007-01-10: A gotcha with inetd/xinetd and popular UDP services
2007-01-09: Solving an automounter timeout problem with brute force
2007-01-08: What I really want from an automounter
2007-01-07: Another issue with C's volatile
2007-01-06: Weekly spam summary on Janury 6th, 2007
Fixing up .rpmnew files
2007-01-05: Henry Spencer on C's volatile
2007-01-04: The scars of my NPTL experience
2007-01-03: The problem with C's volatile qualifier
2007-01-02: My current views on webmail providers
2007-01-01: Solaris's impressive ABI compatibility
Link: Threads Cannot be Implemented as a Library

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