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2007-02-28: Using Unix domain sockets from Python
2007-02-27: Things I did not know about until recently: Ethernet splitters
2007-02-26: Things I have learned about effective sysadmin meetings
2007-02-25: Ordered lists with named fields for Python
How CSLab currently does email anti-spam stuff
Weekly spam summary on February 24th, 2007
2007-02-24: Thesis: any server push technology inevitably breeds spam
The problem with browser minimum font size settings
Most world-editable wikis are doomed
Some things to remember when implementing __getitem__
2007-02-23: The downside of distinctive hostnames
2007-02-22: A simplified summary of Python's method resolution order
My zeroth law of compromised machines
A note about the ordering of mixin classes
2007-02-21: Fixing Python's string .join()
The quick overview of DiskSuite failover
2007-02-20: Getting around LiveJournal's new minimum page width
2007-02-19: What I currently know about Fibrechannel versus iSCSI versus AoE
Another aphorism of system administration
2007-02-18: Why we do NFS fileserving with a SAN
Weekly spam summary on February 17th, 2007
2007-02-17: Programming fun
2007-02-16: I hate hardware (Dell 2950 edition)
QOTD: There are three types of authentication
2007-02-15: Something all full-service backup systems should have
2007-02-14: RPM tricks for dealing with multiarch machines
2007-02-13: On Python's grammar
2007-02-12: Why thin clients are doomed (part 2)
2007-02-11: How to do locking in shell scripts
2007-02-10: Weekly spam summary on February 10th, 2007
A temptation with challenge/response anti-spam systems
Link: Why the ease of installing Java matters
2007-02-09: What System V did to the poor ln command
2007-02-08: The danger of validating your XHTML
2007-02-07: Why I think thin clients are doomed
2007-02-06: What the Solaris 8 nfs3_max_threads parameter probably controls
2007-02-05: An irritation with yum localupdate
Another small user interface suggestion
2007-02-04: A sysadmin twitch about dump
2007-02-03: Weekly spam summary on February 3rd, 2007
2007-02-02: A modern environment's need for broadband
Why don't SQL servers do a lot of caching?
2007-02-01: Transparent versus non-transparent caching

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