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An irritation with yum localupdate

One of the few things that keeps me running while I am only on dialup is 'yum localupdate'. With a combination of 'yum check-update' and 'yum localupdate' I can get a list of what RPMs I need to update, pull down copies of those RPMs at work, dump them onto a USB key, take them home, and then update them locally.

In theory.

In practice, 'yum localupdate' seems to sometimes ignore RPMs that I've supplied on the command line if they're merely things that need to be installed for dependencies. Then, of course, it insists on downloading them again, over my slow PPP link, which causes me to use rude language, hit ^C and ^\ a lot, and (this time) finally end up using kill -9 on yum to get it to stop (insert rant here).

Part of the problem is that yum localupdate doesn't really give any clear picture of what it's going to do, since it is hijacking status displays not intended to draw a distinction between stuff that will be downloaded and stuff that doesn't need to be; this means that things like the 'amount to be downloaded' line have no useful information.

(Perhaps this is a sign that I should just use 'rpm -U', since I suppose it's not as if yum is doing anything for me in this situation; I already should have the full set of dependencies.)

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Another small user interface suggestion

Dear Xine: since various modern sound systems are amply equipped to play multiple audio sources at once, your 'mute' button should mute only your audio, not the entire audio chain. That way I can turn down the Internet music stream I'm listening to in the background in favour of something of more immediate interest, like YouTube videos, without having to quit out of you entirely.

While we're here, it would be nice if you didn't block purely audio streams just because you can't get some X events in edgewise because I'm busy placing a window at the moment and my window manager has an X server grab. Especially if you happen to be iconified at the time, with your geegaws turned off.

(I know, Xine is not exactly the best application in the world for playing streaming Internet music. However, it seems to be the only Fedora Core 6 application that can consistently play AAC+ streams, which means that I am stuck with it for the moment.)

('Another'? Yes; see SmallUISuggestion, the first in the series.)

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