Wandering Thoughts archives

2007-03-31: Created functions and exception stack backtraces
Microsoft has another problem
Link: you are what you code
A simple debugger feature that I would really like
2007-03-30: What an Ethernet splitter looks like
2007-03-29: Usability issues with blog URLs
2007-03-28: A surprise to remember about starting modern machines
Dual identity routing with Linux's policy based routing
2007-03-27: The VPN routing problem
Some problems with iSCSI on Solaris 10 (on x86)
2007-03-26: Quality Solaris 10 software:
2007-03-25: Fitts' Law and edge-flipping in window managers
2007-03-24: Weekly spam summary on March 24th, 2007
How comment spammers behave
Randomly engaging NumLock considered irritating
2007-03-23: Counterintuitive RAID read performance
2007-03-22: An irony of conditional GET for dynamic websites
Making user home directories on a stock Solaris machine
2007-03-21: Users are almost always right
2007-03-20: On educating users
2007-03-19: The three strata of virtualization
2007-03-18: Why Unix setuid is incompatible with real network filesystems
2007-03-17: Weekly spam summary on March 17th, 2007
2007-03-16: GRE is a translucent tunnel
Things I have learned while doing GRE tunnels on Linux
2007-03-15: An annoying limitation of Linux IPSec
2007-03-14: The problem of machine startup order dependencies
2007-03-13: Machine room archaeology
What I currently do to stop comment spam on WanderingThoughts
2007-03-12: New warning messages might as well be fatal errors
2007-03-11: I consider __dict__ an implementation detail
Weekly spam summary on March 10th, 2007
2007-03-10: What a sysadmin's machine should be able to do
2007-03-09: Why hashcash schemes for email will never be adopted
2007-03-08: A bad popup dialog
A belated set of more power consumption numbers
2007-03-07: A gripe about sun.com
2007-03-06: Why I don't like USB keyboards
2007-03-05: Some useful new Linux software RAID features
2007-03-04: Handling lines with something-separated fields for Python
Weekly spam summary on March 3rd, 2007
2007-03-03: On useful front-panel LEDs
2007-03-02: A story of network weirdness
2007-03-01: An irritating limitation of listening sockets

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