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2007-04-30: Being specific about where your systems are
2007-04-29: What matters about object oriented operating systems
Weekly spam summary on April 28th, 2007
2007-04-28: Why I no longer bother to complain to ISPs about spam
2007-04-27: My view of Solaris 10 summarized
2007-04-26: A clever way of doing IP address assignment
2007-04-25: What do Unix errno values mean?
2007-04-24: RPC is surprisingly expensive
2007-04-23: Extra security systems for Unix should be explicit, not implicit
2007-04-22: Why Red Hat 7.3 is (still) so present on servers
2007-04-21: Weekly spam summary on April 21st, 2007
2007-04-20: Why organizations buy software from commercial companies
2007-04-19: A thought about attitudes towards support requests
2007-04-18: An advantage of CSS layouts for accessibility
2007-04-17: Why the University of Toronto can't just use Google Mail
A disappointment with ZFS
2007-04-16: Using CSS instead of tables is still using a hack
2007-04-15: chkconfig --add considered misleading
2007-04-14: Weekly spam summary on April 14th, 2007
2007-04-13: A little gotcha about binding services to interfaces
2007-04-12: Why Evolution is not my favorite mail reader
2007-04-11: Users don't really benefit from filing bug reports
2007-04-10: A limitation of Debian's /etc/network/interfaces control file
2007-04-09: Why indirect xdm probably doesn't work on your Linux machine
2007-04-08: A limitation of Python properties
Weekly spam summary on April 7th, 2007
2007-04-07: An interesting observation about web cracker behavior
2007-04-06: Why network booting is not a good answer
2007-04-05: Wanted: remote controllable DVD drives
An irritation about rails
2007-04-04: A brief sad note about root passwords
Social problems are the real problems
2007-04-03: Why charging for email won't do what people want
2007-04-02: Some lighttpd bits
2007-04-01: An advantage of virtualization for license servers
Please leave IOError and OSError alone
Weekly spam summary on March 31st, 2007

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