Wandering Thoughts archives

2007-05-31: Please test your error paths
2007-05-30: A gotcha with the automounter and loopback mounts
2007-05-29: On storing source code in some non-text format
2007-05-28: Why ZFS's data integrity is less important than Solaris's usability
2007-05-27: Paying for security exploits
2007-05-26: Weekly spam summary on May 26th, 2007
2007-05-25: If you want work done, you need to pay for it
The risks of spam filtering (part 1)
2007-05-24: Firefox preferences settings that I use
2007-05-23: The danger of a web server writeable document area
2007-05-22: A case for breaking the web server ownership guidelines
2007-05-21: Linux is a Unix
2007-05-20: Properties relevant to finding what class supplies a method
2007-05-19: Weekly spam summary on May 19th, 2007
2007-05-18: The difficulty of throwing things away
2007-05-17: Determining what superclass supplies a method in Python
2007-05-16: My rules of thumb for picking conference talks
2007-05-15: Sizing your swap space (part 2)
2007-05-14: Sizing your swap space (part 1)
2007-05-13: Unix folklore: your swap should be twice your RAM
2007-05-12: Weekly spam summary on May 12th, 2007
2007-05-11: Building your own kernel with the Fedora kernel configuration
2007-05-10: The other problem with network booting
2007-05-09: CSS separates layout from content less than you'd like
2007-05-08: Supporting the real world
2007-05-07: What computer security is
2007-05-06: What Linux bind mounts are really doing
2007-05-05: Weekly spam summary on May 5th, 2007
2007-05-04: A little twitch I have in X Windows
2007-05-03: A stupid switch configuration trick
2007-05-02: My view of Ubuntu
2007-05-01: Some good practices for web servers

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