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Firefox preferences settings that I use

In the spirit of my Firefox extensions, and since I just went through this exercise today, here are the Firefox preferences customizations that I currently use. At least some of these are only present in relatively bleeding edge Firefox builds, and you will need to use about:config to enable at least some of them.

(I have not put everything in here, just the stuff that I always forget and that irritates me when it's missing.)

browser. backspace_action 1 Scroll the page up on backspace. This matches the traditional Unix behavior of Netscape 4, which I am very very used to by now.
(This is only present in recent Firefox builds; before that Backspace always went back in the history. As a result, my own personal Firefox build has this chainsawed out via more direct methods.)
browser. blink_allowed false I do not want <blink> to do anything.
browser. download. manager. retention 0 'Do not remember my downloads', ie 'do not clutter the download dialog with stuff I have already deleted'. I always have to remember that this setting is in the Privacy section of Preferences, unlike the other download settings.
browser. enable_automatic_image_resizing false I do not want my images to be resized into illegibility in order to fit in my current browser window, thanks.
browser. formfill. enable false Also in the Privacy settings, although I consider it to be another 'do not annoy me thanks bye' setting.
browser. send_pings false See here for an explanation.
browser. urlbar. matchOnlyTyped true Ideally I would be able to turn off URL bar autocompletion entirely; however, this does not seem possible in current Firefox builds. Making it only autocomplete things I've explicitly entered into the URL bar is the best I can do.
extensions. checkCompatibility false This is necessary to install several of my Firefox extensions in current Firefox trunk builds, even with the Nightly Tester Tools installed.

In general, the MozillaZine Knowledge Base has a very large set of pages giving lots of information about Firefox preferences; you can start here and then follow their links.

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