Wandering Thoughts archives

2007-06-30: Weekly spam summary on June 30th, 2007
2007-06-29: The stupidity of being nickled and dimed by vendors
Why forwarding all email for users is dangerous
2007-06-28: Why I don't like inverted if conditionals
2007-06-27: Why you can't use object.__new__ on everything
2007-06-26: A small update on comment spammer behavior
2007-06-25: ZFS's issues with long term storage management
The advantage of a SAN
Painless long term storage management without disturbing users
2007-06-23: Weekly spam summary on June 23rd, 2007
2007-06-22: One reason why the Debian package format is not my favorite
A thought on web server capacity measurement
2007-06-20: More on slot wrapper objects
2007-06-19: Thinking about types of bugs (and static analysis)
2007-06-18: What are slot wrapper objects?
2007-06-17: A use for CSS adjacent selectors
2007-06-16: Weekly spam summary on June 16th, 2007
2007-06-15: Why I am in system administration instead of programming
2007-06-14: Getting source RPMs with yumdownloader (part 2)
2007-06-13: What NFS file-based locking problems can happen
2007-06-12: 'Argument list too long' is a misleading message
2007-06-11: Getting source RPMs with yumdownloader
2007-06-10: How NFS is unreliable for file-based locking
2007-06-09: Weekly spam summary on June 9th, 2007
2007-06-08: Some thoughts on Slashdot's moderation system
2007-06-07: Why I hate firewalls, especially stateful firewalls
2007-06-06: Why you want a filesystem consistency checker
2007-06-05: RPM's multi-architecture file ownership problem
2007-06-04: RAID-5 versus RAID-6
Why we need our SAN RAID controllers to support logical drives
2007-06-02: Weekly spam summary on June 2nd, 2007
2007-06-01: Why our Solaris fileservers still use the automounter

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