Wandering Thoughts archives

2007-10-31: What may be causing my random NumLock issues
Jumbo frames on gigabit Ethernet on Solaris 10 x86
2007-10-30: The problem with big systems
2007-10-29: My problem with learning new programming languages
2007-10-28: The inconvenience of some DWiki design choices
2007-10-27: Why I am not really interested in hearing blacklist appeals
2007-10-26: The Slashdot effect is not like regular load
2007-10-25: Long term storage management in the field
2007-10-24: The format of PTR records in Bind irritates me
2007-10-23: How we sized the overcommit ratio
2007-10-22: The dangerous appeal of the obvious
Vim options it turns out I want
2007-10-21: How I got a corrupted metadb replica that paniced Solaris 10 x86
2007-10-20: Why mail systems should not defer rejections to RCPT TO time
2007-10-19: Some notes on booting single user in x86 Solaris 10
2007-10-18: The Python marshal module versus the cPickle module
2007-10-17: Our experience with Linux's strict overcommit mode
2007-10-16: Our old mail system's configuration
2007-10-15: The arrogance of trying to design for long term storage management
2007-10-14: Why I think identity blurs into authority
2007-10-13: Weekly spam summary on October 13th, 2007
2007-10-12: Getting your networks to your racks
2007-10-11: A gotcha with command order in pipes
2007-10-10: How to properly look up hostnames from IP addresses
2007-10-09: A silly trick with X
2007-10-08: I have new system enthusiasm
2007-10-07: An improvement in my comment spam precautions
2007-10-06: Weekly spam summary on October 6th, 2007
2007-10-05: Why we don't use cable management arms
2007-10-04: The corollary to who actually benefits from bug reports
2007-10-03: A basic principle of system design
2007-10-02: A gotcha with 'bidirectional' pipes to commands
2007-10-01: How Exim determines the retry time for local deliveries

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