Wandering Thoughts archives

2007-11-29: Hashes are not complete protectors of privacy
2007-11-28: The problem the automounter was trying to solve
Another aphorism of system administration
2007-11-27: Taking advantage of polymorphic WSGI
2007-11-26: The two things I can mean by 'web spider'
2007-11-25: Why we may not be able to use ZFS
2007-11-24: Gotchas with dual-headed X with RandR on ATI cards
2007-11-23: My web spider technical requirements
2007-11-22: The different types of hash collisions
2007-11-21: Linux virtual terminals and the X server
2007-11-20: A lesson learned: Always upgrade Fedora with a respin CD
2007-11-19: What IPsec being mandatory in IPv6 really means
2007-11-18: I love Linux's serial console support
2007-11-17: Fighting spam always costs
2007-11-16: Improving your life with checklists
2007-11-15: Platform risk and platform (in)security
2007-11-14: What NAT is useful for
2007-11-13: Why vfork() got created (part 2)
2007-11-12: Matching words against a list in the Bourne Shell
2007-11-11: Why vfork() got created (part 1)
2007-11-10: The risks of spam filtering (part 2)
2007-11-09: An object oriented design mistake illustrated
2007-11-08: How Linux handles virtual memory overcommit
2007-11-07: Understanding the virtual memory overcommit issue
2007-11-06: A thought about competition between Red Hat Enterprise and CentOS
2007-11-05: Some notes on Solaris 10 U4 x86 as an iSCSI target
2007-11-04: Thinking through salts for passwords
2007-11-03: A thought about the speed of IPv6 deployment
2007-11-02: Note to self: check for gigabit Ethernet
2007-11-01: Dynamic rendering versus static rendering for websites

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