Wandering Thoughts archives

2007-12-31: There are really two GPL v2 licenses
2007-12-30: The importance of killing processes in the right order
2007-12-29: SNI doesn't work in practice
2007-12-28: Please don't make me pick an account name
2007-12-27: Why I am not entirely fond of Solaris 10 x86's boot archive
2007-12-26: Two problems with Python's file iterators
2007-12-25: Process memory layout for 32-bit Linux programs
2007-12-24: The difference between shells that do job control and shells that don't
2007-12-23: Multihomed hosts and /etc/hosts
Shortening hostnames for fun and profit
2007-12-22: Getting a useful persistent VNC session
2007-12-21: A thought about Solaris 10 x86's boot process
2007-12-20: Virtualization does not eliminate security concerns
2007-12-19: Why setuid scripts are fundamentally a bad idea
How x86 Linux executes ELF programs
2007-12-17: What is a script language on Unix
2007-12-16: A thought on reading multiline records
2007-12-15: There are reasons for stupid anti-spam policies
2007-12-14: Check then use is a dangerous security pattern
2007-12-13: Doing one-shot booting with GRUB
2007-12-12: A more abstract view of the generalized open() issue
Implicit generalized open()'s are dangerous
2007-12-10: A surprise about Linux serial consoles
2007-12-09: I don't like smooth scrolling
2007-12-08: A depressing thing about phish spam
2007-12-07: Using Linux's magic SysRq feature
2007-12-06: Why large ISPs like SPF (the cynical view)
2007-12-05: Safely updating files that are read over NFS
2007-12-04: Dumb switches are now too smart for my good
2007-12-03: A comment spam precaution that didn't work out
2007-12-02: How my CGI to CGI/SCGI frontend works
2007-12-01: My expectations for responsible spider behavior
BitTorrent's protocol is not designed to hide

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