Wandering Thoughts archives

2008-02-29: An illustration of the speed advantage of Python builtins
2008-02-28: My likely Firefox 3 extensions
2008-02-27: Two sorts of languages
2008-02-26: Something that I do not understand
2008-02-25: The best way to shroud IP addresses
2008-02-24: An idea: only use URL fragments as an implementation detail
2008-02-23: Where the risk is with virtualization (and iSCSI)
2008-02-22: Why I am not fond of Ubuntu's management of kernel updates
2008-02-21: Wireless, machine rooms, and the Asus Eee PC
The irritation of single-instance applications
2008-02-20: How our automounter replacement works
2008-02-18: Coding paralysis
ZFS versus SANs: where do you put the RAID?
2008-02-16: The only way you can stop spam with money
2008-02-15: A weird routing mystery
2008-02-14: Why does anyone buy iSCSI TOE network cards?
2008-02-13: A consequence of Python's 'computer science' nature
2008-02-12: A small annoyance with HTML
2008-02-11: Why commercial support needs to solve your customers' problems
2008-02-10: A basic introduction to prelinking on Linux
2008-02-09: The other reason certified email won't solve the spam problem
How your fileservers can wind up spreading over your SAN
2008-02-08: Why /usr/local is now useless (and where it came from)
2008-02-06: Why ZFS needs a zfsdump
2008-02-05: Prewiring experimental racks
2008-02-04: The origins of /usr/share
2008-02-03: A note to would-be photo editing applications
2008-02-02: Why certified/authenticated email cannot solve spam
2008-02-01: Isolating network interfaces on Linux

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