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Something that I do not understand

Here is something that I do not understand: why is it always that the oldest and most clapped-out set of displays that you have is always to be found in the machine room, barely working at the best of time?

Yes, I can see the surface logic; machine room displays are probably your least used displays and they spend a great deal of time doing nothing. But every so often you have a crisis and then you really need them to work, because in a crisis the last thing you have time and temper for is trying to get the flaky display working; you need things that work great all the time, because you are already under enough pressure from the crisis without adding more flaky bits of hardware to deal with.

(While I am not suggesting that your machine room displays should be high end huge LCD panels, I would also like to point out the benefits of clear readability in times of stress. Do you really want to be squinting at tiny type on an equally tiny display during a crisis?)

In passing, I note that the really dangerous displays are ones that usually work but flake out every so often, because they tempt you to not get rid of them (especially if they keep working when you test them and only die when you don't have the time to look into it). Do yourself a favour and exile them from your machine room.

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