Wandering Thoughts archives

2008-03-31: Keeping secrets as a system administrator
The quote of the time interval, on XML
2008-03-30: Docstrings versus comments in my code
2008-03-29: Tradeoffs in where you store volume management metadata
2008-03-28: The stages of Bittorrent encryption
2008-03-27: An idea for a browser anti-phish feature
2008-03-26: Why authenticated email won't stop phish spam
2008-03-25: The easy way to keep a week's worth of something
2008-03-24: The two sorts of (programmer) certification
2008-03-23: Why software engineering certification may not work out the way people want
2008-03-22: Why NFS writes to ZFS are sometimes (or often) slow
2008-03-21: Journaling filesystems and the fsync() problem
2008-03-20: Why you should ratelimit messages that outside things can cause
2008-03-19: The problem of charging for things (well, one of them)
2008-03-18: Some things I dislike about the ASUS Eee
2008-03-17: Why I expect more from Solaris
2008-03-16: My problem with Lisp
2008-03-15: Why accurately counting committed address space is hard
2008-03-14: Why I like definite answers to support issues
2008-03-13: Another problem with iSCSI on Solaris 10
2008-03-12: A bash irritation: mutable history
2008-03-11: The 'Add Comments' problem
2008-03-10: Why I organize comments on WanderingThoughts the way I do
2008-03-09: The difference between a SAN and a cluster filesystem
2008-03-08: What controls Red Hat Enterprise's ethN device names
My problem with Ethernet naming on Red Hat Enterprise 5
2008-03-06: Software RAID, udev, and failed disks
The difference between operations and system administration
2008-03-05: How we make Exim discard bounces of spam
2008-03-04: How we deal with the spam forwarding problem
2008-03-03: How not to set up your DNS (part 18)
2008-03-02: How ZFS's version of RAID-5 can be better than normal RAID-5
2008-03-01: Speed surprises in reimplementing the .find() string method

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