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Some things I dislike about the ASUS Eee

I should note that I actually like my Eee (for what it is). But every time I try to write some sort of review of it, these things bubble up to the top of my mind, so I am going to write them down to get rid of them.

In no particular order:

  • my one major issue is that I really want more vertical space. 480 pixels is pretty cramped and limiting; while I can fit in two overlapping, readable 80x24 terminal windows, I do feel like I'm peering in through a porthole, and web browsing works less well.

    (And every so often some of the program dialogs just plain run off the bottom of the screen.)

  • mine keeps terrible time when powered off, routinely drifting by multiple seconds in a day.

    (And inexplicably, no NTP client support seems to be included in the default software load.)

  • despite having no hard drive and a slow processor, the Eee is not a cool or silent machine. As a first time laptop user I was somewhat surprised at how hot it gets (apparently it is on the hot side of modern laptops), and it has an audible fan if you let it sit powered on.

  • if I let it sit powered off and unplugged from power, it slowly drains the battery. Well, I guess I now know why it draws two watts from the wall connector even when powered off (cf EeePowerConsumption), although I still have no idea what it's doing with the power.

  • the Eee doesn't even pretend to have security. A basic level of Unix security would be nice, and an option for encrypted disk space would be better, especially since Linux has both.

(And oh yeah, it would have been nice not to be rootable out of the box.)

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