Wandering Thoughts archives

2008-04-30: Why apt is always going to be faster than yum
Why you can't stop 'abuse' of file sharing services
2008-04-28: Abusing Python frame and code objects
2008-04-27: Attribute tracing as a mixin class
2008-04-26: A thought on trackbacks
2008-04-25: BitTorrent trackers are not innocent bystanders
2008-04-24: What Linux's RPC queue dump means, sort of
A brief mention of some tools for debugging Linux NFS client issues
2008-04-22: The irritation of single-context applications
2008-04-21: Dear ZFS: please stop having your commands stall
2008-04-20: Finding the name of your caller in Python
What FAQs are
2008-04-18: The two (at least) forms of documentation
2008-04-17: The limits of isolated interfaces
2008-04-16: My secret mouse fear
The appeal of GNU tools
2008-04-15: Management interfaces as isolated interfaces
2008-04-14: A sysadmin's review of the ASUS Eee PC
2008-04-13: How I use Firefox's remote control
2008-04-12: Different reasons for having comments
2008-04-11: The appeal of XML
When I do and don't read a blog's comments
2008-04-09: Why there's a bunch of spam from university webmail systems right now
2008-04-08: An alternate take on availability numbers
2008-04-07: Get statistics
2008-04-06: The problem with PID files
2008-04-05: What I needed to make my custom Fedora 8 environment work
Why people are accepting bad uptimes from Internet applications
2008-04-03: Google Mail has a spam problem
2008-04-02: ZFS: Reservations versus quotas
2008-04-01: A simple Python class to trace access to object attributes

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