Wandering Thoughts archives

2008-06-30: The many problems with bad security patches
2008-06-29: Why user exposure matters for Linux distributions, especially on desktops
Why Ubuntu's LTS releases are inferior to Red Hat Enterprise Linux
2008-06-28: The other reason that shells should be programmable
2008-06-27: Fault hierarchies and problem reports
2008-06-26: Virtual desktops versus multiple monitors
2008-06-25: More on standard interfaces
2008-06-23: Why I am not really fond of docstrings in Python
More thinking about Python's inheritance model
2008-06-22: The implicit versus the explicit
2008-06-21: A bug reporting paradox: don't put in too much detail
2008-06-20: Accidental bittorrent on our networks
2008-06-19: A thought about filesystem snapshots
2008-06-17: A simple request for vendor websites
Sun flubs another SSH patch
2008-06-16: Why people persist in sending files by email
2008-06-15: Why DNS blocklists return information as IP addresses
2008-06-13: The cost of virtualization
2008-06-12: The problem with ZFS, SANs, and failover
2008-06-11: Designing a usable DNS Blocklist result format
Tabs versus windows, or why I usually want windows
2008-06-09: Mirrored system disks should be trivial to set up
2008-06-08: Thinking about Python's inheritance model
Recovering my Eee PC from a post-update problem
2008-06-07: Why 'file as blog entry' blog engines have problems
2008-06-06: Why shells should have small programming languages
2008-06-04: Some corollaries to the charging problem
2008-06-03: My problem with ZFS
2008-06-02: Improving RPM as a packaging system
Why package systems are important

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