Wandering Thoughts archives

2008-07-31: A crude system verification method
SSL's identity problem
2008-07-30: What is guaranteed in languages in practice
2008-07-28: What you can (probably) count on for concurrency in Python
Another advantage of Python builtins
2008-07-27: The yum versionlock problem
2008-07-26: dict.setdefault() as a concurrency primitive
2008-07-24: How packaging systems should handle kernel updates
One thing that I dislike about typical debuggers
2008-07-23: Retracting blog entries in the face of syndication feeds
2008-07-22: Two different usage patterns
2008-07-20: Thinking about uses for (system) activity tracers
Why I'm mostly out of the email (anti-)spam game
2008-07-18: One consequence of Linux's dynamic network device naming
The advantage of blog comments
2008-07-17: The not so secret origins of /usr/bin and /usr/sbin (and /sbin)
2008-07-16: The problem with Usenet
2008-07-14: What some fdisk options actually do
2008-07-13: How ZFS helps out with the big RAID-5 problem
The problem with big RAID-5 arrays
2008-07-12: When overlapping windows do (and don't) make sense
2008-07-11: The case of the mysteriously failing connections
2008-07-10: Internet software decays and must be actively maintained
2008-07-09: Detailed usage charges versus simpler charging models
2008-07-08: How to force Solaris to renumber network devices
2008-07-06: A (D)VCS feature that I'd really like
A small drawback to Wietse Venema's TCP Wrappers
2008-07-05: How OOXML is a complete failure, even for Microsoft
2008-07-04: Phish spammers who make it easy
2008-07-03: Why system administrators like interpreted languages
2008-07-02: Why reverse proxies are good for big web applications

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