Wandering Thoughts archives

2008-08-31: There is a balance between optimism and paranoia for compromised machines
A realization about the recent Red Hat Enterprise security issue
2008-08-29: Open source projects and programs versus products
We don't really control user desktop machines
2008-08-28: Thinking about the importance of cross-implementation portability
2008-08-27: How I think about how important security updates are
2008-08-25: Fixing low command error distances
The concept of error distance in sysadmin commands
2008-08-24: An update to the ZFS excessive prefetching situation
2008-08-23: Another problem with SSL identities
2008-08-22: Why noting security fixes in Linux kernel changelogs doesn't really help
2008-08-21: What you select for when you make something harder
2008-08-20: An illustration of why syntactic sugar matters
2008-08-18: The problem with using tuples and lists to hold structures
2008-08-17: Thinking about the best way to handle command registration
Why your blog comments have less of an audience than new blog entries
Another reason to avoid having comments
2008-08-16: Why it matters what users like
2008-08-15: Using a non-standard shell as your login shell
2008-08-14: A bash irritation: the incompatible exec
2008-08-12: The first principle of analyzing compromised machines
2008-08-11: How RPM verification deals with prelinking
2008-08-10: Anti-spam work is pure overhead
How to tell when your bug reporting system is at its limits
2008-08-08: How to exploit unsigned repository metadata
A workaround for the Python module search path issue on Unix
2008-08-07: The pragmatics of language changes
2008-08-06: More on the funding capture problem
2008-08-04: SSL does not create trust
Our answer to the ZFS SAN failover problem
2008-08-03: A performance gotcha with syslogd
First impressions of using DTrace on user-level programs
2008-08-02: One reason that it is so hard to challenge Google

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