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2008-09-30: The consequences of your SSL certificate getting compromised
Using Python to find out what cipher a SSL server is using
2008-09-29: SSL/TLS and forward secrecy
2008-09-28: Why I hate Solaris 10's service facility right now
2008-09-27: The problem with initial ramdisks
2008-09-26: The aesthetics of syntactic sugar
2008-09-25: Why qmail is no longer a suitable Internet MTA
2008-09-24: How we lie to our Makefiles
2008-09-23: Some thoughts on improving current thread-based programming
2008-09-21: Why I wind up writing real parsers for my sysadmin tools
2008-09-20: A side note to the attraction of file-based blog engines
The attractions of 'file as blog entry' blog engines
2008-09-19: Gotchas with IET that I have encountered
2008-09-18: My experiences so far with Linux iSCSI target software
2008-09-17: How to securely manipulate user files
2008-09-16: A Unix without a test program
2008-09-15: Why ZFS's raidz design decision is sensible (or at least rational)
2008-09-14: A read performance surprise with ZFS's raidz and raidz2
2008-09-13: 999 days is not forever
2008-09-12: ZFS's helpful attention to detail
Why you want sysadmins, not users, to be providing the computing
2008-09-11: Why I have the same shell dotfiles everywhere
2008-09-10: A Unix shell trick
2008-09-09: The problem with unit testing programs
2008-09-08: How to get as much of your program byte-compiled as possible
2008-09-07: Why your main program should be importable
2008-09-06: Why negative DNS caching is necessary
2008-09-05: Something to remember when using DTrace on userland programs
2008-09-03: Why SMTP needs a way of communicating partial success for message delivery
How to reject at SMTP time without enabling dictionary scanning
2008-09-01: Accept-then-bounce is no longer acceptable in mail systems

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