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2008-10-31: Why realistic UDP bandwidth testing is hard
Banging rocks together in Python
2008-10-30: How Linux initrds used to be a hack
2008-10-29: Problems I have seen with switch port mirroring
2008-10-28: One reason why people buy Ethernet taps
2008-10-27: What we keep track of for ZFS pools
2008-10-26: Why RAID-1 is the right choice for our new fileservers
2008-10-25: How we worked out the partition sizes for our SAN
2008-10-24: A little neat detail of the BitTorrent protocol
2008-10-23: Another update to the ZFS excessive prefetching situation
2008-10-22: How Amanda knows what restore program to use
2008-10-21: Seeing how remarkable V7 Unix was
2008-10-19: The advantages of iSCSI's MC/S for multipathing
Thesis: reputation based antispam systems are dead
2008-10-18: More on Firefox 3's handling of self-signed SSL certificates
2008-10-17: How self-signed certificates are a problem for browsers
2008-10-16: Why Firefox 3's handling of self-signed SSL certificates is wrong
2008-10-15: The corporate identity problem
2008-10-14: Improving initial ramdisks
2008-10-13: The complexity of not lying to Makefiles
2008-10-12: An irritating awk limitation: getting a range of fields
2008-10-11: Forcing sort ordering in Unix shell scripts
2008-10-10: Some notes about iSCSI multipathing in Solaris
2008-10-09: We've lost the password battle
2008-10-08: How we set up our Solaris ZFS-based NFS fileservers
2008-10-07: How we set up our iSCSI target servers
2008-10-06: A problem with Python's help()
2008-10-05: SSL certificate revocation doesn't work (for web browsers)
2008-10-04: Consider having obvious interfaces too
2008-10-03: Arranging your SSL websites for very cautious people
2008-10-01: Another consequence of the Debian OpenSSL security bug

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